Eternal Sunshine on Spotless Mind

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Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Our memory organizes information, knowledge, and experiences within a complex internal library. We tend to think of this facility as an accurate historian or a safe storage vault — but it isn't. Think of our memory as a wandering novelist who constantly edits the past and assembles interesting bits of knowledge, information, and experience in new storylines. The movie is an interesting psychological drama that proficiently explores the emotional uproar of love and loss. Joel Barish is a confused and stunned young man who swept off his feet by a romance that takes him to places he never dreamt of going. But it is Clementine I-don’t-know-what-her-surname-is-because-it’s-confusing’s first-rate performance that gives this creative story its spark and flavour. This attractive woman displays a collection of moods to match her ever-changing hair color, and she loves doing wild and crazy things. An added value to the drama is that it gives us a fresh appreciation of the rare and wonderful gift of our memory as storage of innumerable magnificence. It all started with the confused and distressed Joel Barish’s awakening in his apartment. Though in the ending, Joel awakes in the exact way except knowing what he must do. We enter a wild world of disturbed characters, domestic conflict, and jagged compositions. It is the type of movie one must stay focused on or else you’ll miss a lot and it’ll be hard for you to understand the flow of the story. It had my attention throughout. Although some scenes were quite confusing, the excellent acting kept me captivated. From Joel’s decision to skip work and take a train from Yonkers to Montauk, through the time he meets the love of his life, Clementine, we are made aware he is a completely shy man wandering through his life in a cloud of displeasure and loneliness. Clementine wakes him out of his

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