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Eternal Classic - Swan Lake Dance Appreciation class is coming to an end; however, I feel as if it is starting. The good times, which I wanted to stay but failed to keep, always goes particularly fast. It is liked a boat on the sea was floating in front of you; then it passed away in a minute and would soon disappeared in the sky; finally, only the yearning sound was left. I still remember the picture which the teacher and several girls took of the class together, our viewing of many kinds of dances, with the wonderful music, feeling their charm, and expressing our own emotion and views of the dances. In the class, I have appreciated many dance compositions of different periods. Swan Lake was my favorite. Although I only saw the interesting version which were performed by all male dancers, the music and the movement attracted me deeply. Thus, I was eager to see the formal version. As a result, I rented the CD of Swan Lake from the library last Thursday and planned to watch it in a romantic atmosphere, even though Swan Lake was not written in the Romantic Period. On Thursday night, I lighted the scented candle and made a cup of latte. Then I opened my computer and watched Swan Lake while I was lying in the sofa in an excited mood. Swan Lake is arguably the most popular ballet ever created. It has been estimated that about one in every ten ballets performed in Russia is Swan Lake. It’s not just romantic and noble; it’s fateful and laden with doom. The Swan Lake which I watched was choreographed by Rudolf Nureyev and directed by Truck Branss. It was in 4 acts by Vladimir Begitchev and Vasily Geltier. The music, of course, was by Piotri. Tchaikovsky. All the dancers in the dancing composition were professional and the whole dance was absolutely amazing. I especially liked Acts One and Two. Swan Lake contains four acts. The four acts form the whole story. Every act

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