E.T Vs. Jesus

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When the movie E.T. came out in the summer of 1982 no one could have expected the phenomenon that it became. The movie was a hit and quickly became the most financially successful film made during that time. The movie made merchandise, and even an amusement park ride. People were captivated by E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial and his moving story. Which accounts for, why people were so ready to fall in love with E.T.? It may have something to do with his resemblance to another figure people were already familiar with: Jesus of Nazareth. Some parallels between the two stories are their mothers have the same name, Mary. They both come from a ‘higher’ world, one that we humans are unaware of. They both are far wiser and loving than people on Earth and both, E.T and Jesus, try to communicate with their “home.” Furthermore, E.T provided hope, determination and love to all the people who saw the movie. Compared to Jesus’ life journey, they are not the same story, but their impacts on peoples can be comparable. Several noticeable differences in the two stories contain both idols came to earth for different reasons or purposes. Jesus is a religious figure and E.T is an alien. Jesus was sent to Earth from God to save people from their sins whereas E.T was accidentally left behind by his family. Jesus was born in a barn in Jerusalem and E.T was found in a tool shed in California . Nevertheless one can look deeper into how both stories are similar. Both perform miracles, heal people and defy gravity. One miracle both E.T and Jesus performed is bring something dead back to life. For example, E.T brings a plant back to life in front of Elliot, who is E.T’s only true friend in the movie, and his siblings, the kids are dumbfounded. A comparable story happens in the Bible when Jesus brought Lazarus back from the dead and the towns’ people could not believe it. One could say a
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