Estruaries Gone Bad: Estuary Lab Report

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Estuary Gone Bad Lab Report Introduction Construction and development has shown an increase near by the Turtle Bay Estuary, and the Department of Natural Resources believe it is contaminating and affecting the salinity of the water. The safest salinity is around 2ppt to 4ppt. The snails cant tolerate a salinity of ore than 6ppt. If the conductivity of the Turtle Bay Esturary is too high, then there is presence of contamination and the water is no longer reliable as a living source. Based on the pictures that we saw, there was a lot of wild life that didn’t depend too much on water. We developed the hypothesis that construction nearby is not having an adverse effect on the Turtle Bay Estuary. We predicted the estuary will fall around 4 ppt, making it safe to live in. Method To properly assess the conductivity based on the salinity, we created six different solutions with a certain balance of the Turtle Bay Estuary stock sample and distilled water. Using a conductivy probe for each sample, we will determine the salt content of the water. We distributed the water samples accordingly, 0 ppt = 0 mL stock sample + 100 mL distilled water 2 ppt = 20 mL stock sample + 80 mL distilled water 4 ppt = 40 mL stock sample + 60 mL distilled water 6 ppt = 60 mL stock sample + 40 mL distilled water 8 ppt = 80 mL stock sample + 20 mL distilled water 10 ppt = 100 mL stock sample + 0 mL distilled water Results With each level of ppt, we recorded the appropriate conductivity level (μS) and created a chart of our results Salinity(ppt) Conductivity (μS) 0 115 2 4050 4 8170 6 10450 8 14860 10 18180  Discussion According to the data we gathered, with the high salinity, the conductivity increased heavily. Because over time, the Turtle Bay Estuary will become contaminated and no longer safe for any living organisms. Because of this, the

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