Establish and Maintain an Ohs System Essay

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TAFE NSW | Establish and maintain an OHS system | Topic 1 Assessment task | | | | | Table of contents Part A – Theory Review Questions. 2 1. Explain the need for a manager to understand OHS legislative requirements. Give two examples where you would need to apply this knowledge within your workplace. Explain how you can ensure compliance with the legislation. 2 2. Develop a list of OHS policies within your organisation and determine a means of communicating these policies to relevant stakeholders. Use the format prescribed below.. 2 3. In your own words, explain the purpose and function of the following and why it is important to establish consultative arrangements. 2 4. Create a matrix that outlines the responsibilities of staff and/or contractors in relation to OHS. You may find the format below useful in developing your matrix. 2 5. Explain the process you would follow to identify and approve resources for OHS initiatives within an organisation. 2 6. Provide examples of how well developed communication skills can assist a manager when dealing with OHS information. 2 Part B – Case Study. 1 1. Describe the process you would use to identify the OHS needs and priorities for this organisation. 1 2. Briefly describe what legislation may be applicable to this organisation and why. 1 3. Explain in your own words why it is important to integrate OHS into an organisation’s strategic planning. 1 4. Outline the responsibilities that may be undertaken by health and safety representatives at each work site. 1 5. Describe two strategies that may be employed to ensure the appropriate OHS information is communicated to all employees effectively, regardless of linguistic or cultural background. 1 Part A – Theory Review Questions 1. Explain the need for a manager to understand OHS legislative requirements.

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