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EST1 Task 310.2.1-05: Ethical Situations in Business Western Governors University February 2, 2013 EST1 Task 310.2.1-05: Ethical Situations in Business Companies have four levels of social responsibility: 1) economic, 2) legal, 3) ethical, and 4) philanthropic. A company has to balance its duty to shareholders to make a profit with its contract with society to make socially responsible decisions. In order to increase profit, a company must understand the needs of the stakeholders and develop a coordinated plan which establishes standards within the company that can be understood and accepted by all employees; as well as supporting the needs of the community it serves. Company Q has supported the need to improve profit by closing two unprofitable stores. However, an analysis should be made regarding the need to close those stores. While closing them may have a positive impact to their bottom line, there could be a negative impact to the community. Company Q has also begun to offer health-conscience foods at all stores because their customers have requested them. Since they are high-margin items, this will increase profit. However, a determination should be made regarding the viability of these items in all stores. If sales are low in certain areas, this could lead to loss of profit due to overages. Company Q has also declined a request by local food bank to donate day old products because they fear theft by employees. Company Q could take a few simple steps which would support their need to improve profit, engage their employees in a shared corporate vision, and build a supportive relationship with the community. Recommendation 1 Company Q should establish an ethics program. Although the grocery store chain is small, an ethics program would address establish a means by the company for interacting with its communities. By doing so, they would

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