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Social Responsibility Company Q seems to currently have an economic attitude toward social responsibility. An economic model is based on the traditional concept of business. If the business is providing a quality good or service, showing a profit and providing jobs then it is successful. Company Q is more concerned with profits and lost revenues then maximizing a positive impact. They have shown this by closing a few stores in a higher-crime-rate area because they were losing money, by only offering a very limited amount of health-conscience and organic products because they are high margin items and by declining to donate to the local food bank because of worries over lost revenues. Company Q is not displaying an obligation to its stakeholders; particularly the customers, community and employees by not maximizing a positive impact through ethical and philanthropic actions. In order for Company Q is improve their reputation they need to take on a socioeconomic approach to social responsibility. This approach focuses not only on profits but on the benefit of the business to society. Company Q can improve their social responsibility in three areas; customer satisfaction, community outreach and employee trust. The first way for Company Q to improve their attitude toward social responsibility is by improving customer satisfaction. Their customers have requested for years to have organic and health-conscience products made available. Although Company Q is now offering a few of these items they are limited and expensive. Company Q should survey customers and meet their requests at an affordable price. They should also reopen stores even at the risk of losing money in areas that will make it convenient for customers to shop. These actions will increase customer satisfaction and ultimately increase profits. Next, Company Q needs to give

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