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EST1 310.2.1-05 Evaluation Social responsibility is very important within an organization and contributes to the overall success of the business. The four levels of social responsibility are economic, legal, ethical and philanthropic. After careful review of Company Q’s current situation it is clearly obvious that they are trying in a few areas but lacking for the most part where social responsibility is concerned. The fact that Company Q has implemented a limited amount of health-conscience and organic products shows that they took their customers’ requests into account, but they should have implemented it sooner. There are many areas of improvement that Company Q can initiate that will help improve the company’s attitudes toward social responsibility. Recommendation 1: Company Q recently closed two of their stores in high crime rate areas due to these stores losing money. Although companies have an economic responsibility to be profitable, there are some things that could be done. By closing the doors of two of their stores, this affected many people within the community that lost their jobs or relied on this location to purchase their groceries. This could have a negative effect on how the entire community views the company as a whole and potentially lead to losing customers in other locations. My recommendation to improve in this area would be that Company Q could have come together with the community and figured out what would better serve the needs of the community rather than waiting years to implement these requests. They could also take into consideration the location and the ethnics of the location and carry items that fit within these communities. Recommendation 2: The fact that management declined the donation of day- old products to the local food bank because of worries that their employees may steal from the company and say they are donating

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