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Three actions Company Q could take to improve the company’s attitude toward social responsibility: Company Q has tarnished its relationship with its customers by closing stores in cities with high crime rates. Did Company Q research demographic and location-specific information before investing in the locations that they have elected to close? It seems like rather than acknowledging their unwillingness to deal with the issue at hand, they have decided to close multiple stores. To prevent something like this in the future, Company Q should consider its customer base and how the loyalty of customers would be destroyed by an act like this. Closing these locations also leaves its employees without a job and the community without a local grocery. Employees given an opportunity to transfer to another location would be potentially faced with longer commutes that could require them to relocate their families. Before closing locations, Company Q should involve community leaders and express their concerns. After years of requests from its loyal customers, Company Q has finally committed to stocking organic and other health-conscious foods on its shelves. However, these products come at a large premium, which makes them unobtainable for many of its customers. To be socially responsible, Company Q should stock many more of these products and at various price levels. This would allow customers with smaller grocery budgets to still have healthy choices. Most companies have a philanthropy program that lets them give back to the communities that allow them to stay in business. Grocery chains often have connections with local food banks or other distributors of day-old or unsold products. Company Q should address this problem as an issue with their hiring practices. It is not fair to assert blame on employees by assuming they will steal products meant for

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