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Online Chapter 3: [Each answer is worth 4 points. Answers should be at least 75 words long and well developed. Please use proper grammar and spelling and write in complete sentences.] 1. How many guests is a service person expected to serve in each of the following services: American, French, and Russian a la carte; American and Russian banquet; buffet, modified deluxe buffet, and deluxe buffet? Explain the reasons for differences. Answer: 2. Describe the different banquet styles: American Russian, and buffet. Answer: American banquet style is overall an easy service to provide, with one waiter usually serving 16-24 guests. Also, American banquet service is very similar to that of American service, with the exception of place setting. Russian banquet service is the most elegant of the banquet styles, with usually two waiters, working as a pair, serve 20 people between the two, but according to the text a highly skilled staff is needed in order to correctly serve a banquet in Russian style. Now, buffet style banquet is characterized by the guests getting either their whole meal or parts of it from food being displayed I. the dining room. Buffet banquet service has three different types of service styles, which are; the buffet, the modified delux buffet, and the delux buffet being the most elegant. 3. What must a manager know before he or she can diagram the place setting for American, Russian, or buffet banquet services? Answer: In order to diagram the place setting for an American, Russian, or buffet banquet correctly, the manager must know several key things. Since the purpose of a banquet is to serve the guest as quickly as possible, most banquet place settings have all the needed utensils already placed for the guests, but sometimes banquet houses don't carry enough of each utensils that are needed. A good manager must be aware of the utensils

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