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ESSAY Nowadays, getting job is very difficult. Getting a proper or sufficient pay is really tough and challenging. To get good benefit and good wage, you have to stand up and be very vocal about your needs. In my opinion, teaching assistant going on strike is acceptable and they bought up ligament issues about what they are facing. Normally, media plays a major role in strikes, protests, and with social issues. I noticed in many occasions media takes sides and sometimes supports the opponents. The public always believes or accept what media presents to them. Most of the time media is biased. In this article, the media doesn’t show both sides. Media took more side on the teaching assistant but it did not show side about what the university wants to say. For example, the media is spending time interviewing the teaching assistant and inquiring them about how their agreements and deals are going. The media was supporting the teaching assistants more because they were right. The teaching assistant basically did everything and the professors only taught the students. I believe that the students and the university sides weren’t very well focused on the article. There were only few sentences about how the students were affected by the strike. The article does not bother to emphasize why the university did not act quickly and responsibly to the situation. They never discussed why it took them one month to resolve or settle this problem. If they acted quickly to the situation, the university would not have to pay the union members for the time on strike. If they acted quickly, the students wouldn’t be affected by having an extended class through the summer, when they could well spent their summer with families and friends. But, the good thing was at least the university extended the class instead of cramping everything in a year. The author’s choice of

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