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Diamond Soto SE #1 9/13/2012 Self-Mutilation Self-Mutilation is when people cut burn or hurt themselves. It’s a self-destructive behavior that can possibly turn in to suicide or a suicide attempt. Cutting and burning are to examples of how people can self-mutilate. They can be addicting and harmful as well. People self-mutilate for various of reasons such as anger, depression and self-esteem issues but there are preventions. Some reasons why people cut or burn themselves are because of self-esteem issues, anger and/or depression. They can be dealing with something and don’t know a better way to cope with their problems. They want to control the pain instead of others controlling it. Also, their anger gets the best of them and sometimes they don’t want to hurt other people, so they take it out on themselves. Other reasons why some may self-mutilate is to seek attention to themselves which is not acceptable. Because that person might not have a real psychological, anger, depression or self-esteem issue and is just jealous of a person who is getting more attention than them who actually has these problems. I’ve had my own personal experience with self-mutilation. One reason why I would cut is because of my self-esteem. I hated the way I looked so much that I use to take an eraser and burn my face. I hated the way I looked so much that I wanted to erase my face just so I could get a new one. That was my mentality at the time. My other reason for cutting was of my anger. I would get so mad that I would turn my anger on myself so that I didn’t hurt others. I knew my strength and I knew that I could seriously damage someone. So instead, I would cut myself and pretend I was hurting them. My final reason for cutting was because of my depression. I would be so hurt about something that had happened. I

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