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Resent years have witnessed the curriculum design, which has aroused a heated debate of whether the content addressed in business education curriculums should be revised for the sustainable development in education. From my point of view, traditional curriculum design should be amended in order to solve the problem of business education. One positive reason is concerned with the current management theories which are overwhelmingly causal or functional in their modes of explanation. For instance, “a precondition for making business studies a science as well as a consequence of the resulting belief in determinism has been the explicit denial of any role of moral or ethical considerations in the practice of management” (Ghoshal,2005:79). The effects of this phenomenon damaged the development of critical thinking in ethical ways, which might affect the learners build their roles as managers and citizens demand. Besides, few contents relate to success in business also attributes partly to review the curriculum. Pfeffer and Fong (2002:84) claim that the curriculum taught in business schools has only a small relationship to what is important for succeeding in business. The content of curriculum focus on managers and corporations, which will lose an attention on the stakeholders in organizations. Another thing that deserves our special attention is the current curriculum concentrate on the performance that describes the general knowledge. Dumas, Blodgett, Carlson, Pant, and Venka (2000: 233) explain that the traditional discipline-based curriculum focuses on the generic knowledge, which have challenges of stepping out of the functional silos. In conclusion, the reason of reviewing current curriculum design provided above is a few of the many but are worth our special attention. I am convinced that the curriculum design should review contents to improve the

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