Essentials Of The U.s. Health Care System Essay

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Courtne Flynn ASOC 341 December 8th, 2010 Term Paper Healthcare inequality refers to the dissemblance in the access to adequate healthcare between different location, gender, race, socioeconomic and other demographic groups. The United States is facing some serious problems when it comes to the health of their people; there are about forty-seven million Americans that do not have health insurance, which can account for about 18,000 premature deaths per a given year (Robinson 2007). However, “the United States spends more on health care than any nation in the world and yet, among the thirty nations that make up the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD), the United States ranks near bottom on most health indicators” (Robinson 2007:529). A reason for this current problem is that the United States has not adopted universal health care like a number of its developed peer nations. In order to compare the different health levels between these nations there has been surveys and number of test that allow organizations as well as individuals to express the factors that directly affect their health in ways that is more comparable to the factors of individuals in different countries. A number of Americans have expressed their disapproval of this current health care system. A majority of Americans believe that this system is unsafe, because deaths that can easily be prevented in hospitals are taking lead in the cause of death than deaths that can’t be prevented; and there is also a question of trust in the Medicare system within the roles of physicians and medical institutions that have taken advantage of individuals by treating their health like a business deal (King and Wheeler 2004). There is no greater problem than the one of the American’s who do not have any medical care at all because of their lack of insurance from either the government or

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