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Essentials of Sociology Essay

  • Submitted by: Destin14
  • on September 25, 2013
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SO115 Essentials of Sociology
Historically, four social revolutions have occurred as a result of new technologies; identify the technologies which led to these social changes and explain the consequences of each of   these technologies. Then identify and explain the three (3) processes of social change according to William Ogburn and provide one (1) example of each process.
Technology has been a primary driver of social change for thousands of years. In particular, four technological innovations were responsible for social revolutions: The domestication of plants and animals, the invention of the plow, the invention of the steam engine, and the invention of the microchip all lead to massive social change. In the first social revolution the domestication of plants and animals transformed the hunting and gathering societies into horticultural and pastoral societies. This kind of society allowed people to stop moving around and make permanent settlements. With dependable sources of food, human societies grew bigger, and tools began to evolve. The invention of the plow brought about the second social revolution which was the emergence of agricultural societies. This invention allowed for more efficient and productive agriculture. A larger supply of food meant that larger groups of people could live together. The third social revolution prompted by the invention of the steam engine in the 18th and ushered in the Industrial Revolution. The steam engine was introduced to run machinery. It transformed the transportation capabilities of society and spurred further innovation as people and materials could be quickly transported on land for distances that were previously unimaginable. The fourth social revolution was the invention of the microchip. It is difficult to understate the ways in which the microchip and personal computer have fundamentally altered the organization of society; the instant access to and constant flows of information have changed communication,...

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