Essentials of Health Essay

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Our lifestyle is the way we live. It is composed of a variety of elements and habits: what we eat, what we drink, our level of exercise, how well we sleep, how well we manage stress and adapt to stressful situations, our behaviour and how we interact with people, not forgetting our sense of belonging and purpose in life. It is also affected by how we think and how we see life in general; by our attitude and the choices we make when confronted with the vicissitudes of life. A balanced lifestyle is the way in which we live and reflects that the different elements of our life are in the right amount and proportion. Adopting a balanced lifestyle is of primordial importance because it has immediate and long-term effects on our health and well-being. This is confirmed by many recent studies, which clearly show that conditions such as heart diseases, stroke, cancer, diabetes, as well as many other chronic diseases may be preventable and even reversible by changing our diet and adopting new attitudes and lifestyle. A balanced lifestyle will have positive effects on our longevity as well. In his exceptional book, Defy Aging, Michael Brickey, PhD has reviewed and put together the conclusions of thousands of scientific studies and references about longevity. One of the important conclusions of this extensive review is this: “Researchers estimate that 30% of longevity is due to heredity and that 70% is the consequence of our beliefs, attitudes, coping skills and lifestyle”. Adopting and maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle is our own responsibility. By maintaining a balanced lifestyle, we are increasing our chances of living a significantly longer, better, and happier life. What are the important elements of a balanced lifestyle, how do they affect my health and well-being, and what can I do to improve each of them? A balanced
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