Essentials for Being a Good Parent Essay

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Being a parent can be difficult at times. Your children learn how to be adults from their parents and other adults. You have to be willing to teach your children. Our children learn to be adults from us. As parents we are supposed to be guardians, providers and protectors of the family. There are many characteristics in being a good parent. *I think that parents need to be good listeners when it comes to their children. Sometimes we are so quick to judge our children's actions and words that we tend not to hear them crying out for love, attention or just help in general. We need to listen to them and their feelings and how they react to things. We also need to make sure we are allowing our children to have their own opinions and their own voice. We as parents need to make sure that our children know that we are listening to them and that they know what they have to say is important to us. I feel that if our children feel like we aren’t listening to them or letting them have their own voice they will act out in such a way that could be ugly. We as parents always want to make sure that whenever our children are speaking to us that we are always listening to them. Also as parents we don’t want to be so quick to judge because if we judge before we know the facts or the truth then our kids will think we don’t trust them either. We need to make sure as parents that we show them that we understand their points of views and we care enough where they are coming from will help someone to be a good parent. *Our children tend to learn by our actions, so we as parents need to lead by example and show them what is right. Children need to be taught how to be responsible, caring, and hardworking and learn to be patient from watching and learning these traits from their parents. For the male fathers they need to teach their sons how to respect, care, love and provide for their

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