Essence of care and Change Management

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This paper will critically review how Sister Jones could improve the privacy and dignity practice on Vauxhall ward using effective change management and change strategies theories with focus on factor 3 of the Essence of Care Privacy and Dignity Benchmarks (Department of Health (DOH), 2001a) (Appendix 1). By using Lewin’s Theory of Change Model (Cited in Baulcomb, 2003), Action Research (A.R.), a process of organization development, will be explored to assist in the required change. (McNiff and Whitehead, 2006) describes A.R. as an enquiry that allows practitioners to constantly refine practice and continue their professional development using the evidence based outcomes. Lewin’s force field analysis, the stages of unfreezing, moving and refreezing, relevant change management and change strategies theories will also be considered to implement and develop the changes. After assessing privacy and dignity on 3 other wards in the hospital, Sister Jones has concerns about personal boundaries and space on Vauxhall ward and believes at present patients personal space is not actively being promoted by all staff with regards to the wards mixed sex status. The DOH (2007) identifies that full gender segregation is not always possible and recommends actions to be taken to ensure patients still have maximum privacy and dignity. Sister Jones will use Lewin’s force field analysis to assess the transition from the current situation to the desired one. Baulcomb (2003) discusses Lewin’s theory in 4 headings, actual, optimal, problem and goal. The actual being mixed sex bays on Vauxhall ward, the optimal being segregated bays, the problem is the ratio of male and female patients being admitted to Vauxhall ward and not protecting their privacy and dignity and the goal is to ensure privacy and dignity at all times, even in unavoidable times of mixed sex bays. Sister

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