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The Millennium School, Dubai English Worksheet Grade 5 GENERAL FORMAT - LETTER WRITING There are several kinds of letters (such as friendly letters, business letters, etc.) each of which has its own particular form; but there are certain matters of form which apply to all. In all kinds of letters there are six points of form to be attended to, namely:- 1) The Heading consisting of - a) The writer’s address and date: For e.g- 24, Purvi Marg New Delhi *leave line 10 October 2010 *leave line 2) The greeting or Salutation- To members of your family, for example, it will be – Dear Father, My Dear Mother, Dear Uncle, etc. To Friends, it will be- Dear Desai, or Dear Bob, etc. To Business people, it will be- Dear Sir, Dear Sirs, etc. 3) The Communication or Message- the body of the letter. a) Divide your letter into3 paragraphs –Introduction, Body and Conclusion. b) Use simple and direct language and short sentences. c) Write neatly. d) Mind your punctuation, and put in commas, semicolons and fullstops in the proper places. Incorrect punctuation may alter the whole meaning of a sentence. 4) The Subscription, or courteous leave-taking or Conclusion- Certain forms of polite leave-taking are prescribed. Such as- Yours sincerely, Yours faithfully, Yours affectionately, etc. Note: The first letter of your subscription must begin with a capital letter; e.g., Sincerely yours 5) The Signature or name of the writer- This must come below the Subscription .Thus : Your loving friend, Rahul. 6) The Superscription on the envelope- To, Mr. B. N. Joshi, 202, Hala Building, Rolla, Sharjah-32443 UAE.

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