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The Mind of a Bully | Level 1 | By Claudio Cerullo Claudio V. Cerullo is an experienced education advocate and has written extensively on the subject of bullying. He specializes in education psychology and educational administration. This article was first published in 2011. | | Bullies do not fit into a neat little box. They come from all walks of life, all ages, all genders, all races, and all cultures. Bullies are very often people who have been bullied or abused themselves. Sometimes they are experiencing life situations they cannot cope with, that leave them feeling helpless and out of control. Many times, bullies do not feel that they can find any other means of fitting in or carving out their own niche in life so they turn to being powerful in a way that they feel brings them respect. They feel that being feared is the way to gain respect, and they surround themselves with friends and people who look up to them. However, what they do not realize is that people are “friends” with them so they do not become a target of their bullying. It all comes down to fear. | 1 | Another possible reason behind the bullying attitude is that bullies feel they have no control in their lives. Maybe their home life is out of control and they are not listened to or valued by their families. In order to compensate for the lack of value at home, bullies find it in other places in inappropriate and unhealthy ways. | 2 | Even though these are all valid explanations, sometimes the only explanation is that bullies are mean and cruel people who only feels good when they can cause others harm. These types feel no remorse and rarely stop bullying. This may be a pattern for their entire lives. | 3 | The above-mentioned facts on bullies have been widely accepted for many years, but new research proposes that bullying is something entirely different to some people. I used

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