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The day I went to the store for cake was the day that I made an interesting observation about the relationship between a parent and their child. Before my eyes in aisle four was a screaming, foot stomping child and behind him was a cowering mother full of apology for the child's unhappiness. As she spoke to her son, it was almost as though I was over-hearing her have a conversation with someone who was equally on her level of authority- as if her son were a mere acquaintance that she debated and reasoned with when confrontation arose. "I'm sorry that we came to the store instead of going straight to see Nightmare on Elm Street. We're out of your favorite fruity puff cereal and you need a nutritious breakfast to eat in the morning. You wouldn't want me to be a bad mother like Mrs. Butters is." The tyrant that I observed staring back at her replied with a stomp of his foot and a flood of crocodile tears, "I don't care, I want my movie!!" Looking around frantically, and almost frightened by the child's behavior the mother gave in "Alright I can always get cereal later on our way to get our weekly tan at Sun City, we'll go. Now remember that when we get there, you have to say that you're going to see Care Bears: Land of Love and Hugs. Don't you worry, Mommy will get you into the one you really want to see." They were gone before my jaw could drop in disbelief to the off-colored tiles that lined the aisles of Shopper's World. As I made my way past the frozen foods section, my eyes beheld yet another and vaguely familiar scenario. There was another screaming child attempting to get what she wanted by making a scene in the middle of aisle seven. "All of the other girls in my class have low-cut shirts and miniskirts! I want some too!" protested the 13 year old looking girl, "all of their mom's let them dress in whatever they want to wear!! They don't even care!" only

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