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People should write more essays Why should people write more essays? It sounds pretty crazy, but of course, it isn’t. Essays are so important and so vital in life. There are so many good sides in writing essays. For example, they help you to be more creative, with the ideas you imagine up. And it also helps taking up your time. And not only that, but it is also kind of like a speech, so it can improve speech planning skills. Creativity. Whether the subject is why Terry should go out with Kristine, or how to write an essay, you’re going to need to use your creativity in formulating an argument. On way, when writing an essay, you can use your creativity is when you are deciding on your key points. And giving examples, where some might be true and some that might not be. Creativity is very important in these situations, and even if we don’t have creativity, you will be able to get creativity for when you write the essay- that’s one skill added to your skills list, and that’s why you need to write essays. Wasting time. Of course that is bizarre. You are all probably thinking why would I waste my time on essays, when I can play video games, or watch tv? It’s going to help you in the future. Tv and video games will only waste your precious time. So instead, you can use this time wisely and write an essay. It will help you for the future. And the time your waiting is wasted preciously, not completely wasted! It’s a true fact! So by writing essays you can use your time productively. It’s a great skill to learn too!! IN life, as we get older, most of the assignments will be essay based. It will be things like, write an essay on why the polar ice caps are melting. And as we get older the number of words needed to be included in the essay is going to increase. And writing essays is going to be very difficult if you don’t write essays now. So this skill is needed

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