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Preparing a Delicious Breakfast Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. A good breakfast boosts our energy, increases our attention and sense of well-being. Skipping a breakfast lead to an unhealthy lifestyle and those who missed the meal were likely to be fatter, possibly because they are likely to have unhealthy snacks mid-morning to boost their energy levels. Now, I would like to share a delicious recipe that is suitable to serve as breakfast meal that called ‘Sardine Rolls’. Step one, we have to make a pastry. To make a pastry, we need to mix 250 gram of butter and 500 gram of flour with a pinch of salt until it becomes breadcrumbs. Then, add in chilled water until soft dough is formed. Next, cover the dough and keep it in refrigerator meanwhile preparing for the filling. Step two, making the filing for sardines’ rolls. Firstly, mashed one can of sardine in tomato sauce and mix it with some onions and red chillies that were cut out into diced. Secondly, add in a bit of tomato sauce if you find it too dry. Then, squeeze some lemon juice to make the filling tastier. Step three, prepare the roll by placing a portion of the dough in between two plastics sheets. Then, roll the dough thinly and cut it out into small squares. Further to this, place the filling in the middle of squares dough and roll it. After that, arrange it on the baking tray and spread some egg on the rolls. Finally, baking it into an oven at 170℃ for about 40 minutes or till the rolls turns to golden brown. Then, it was ready to serve to your beloved family. Sardine rolls are rich with protein since it was made from sardine and also some egg. It was easy to make it and mostly the kids really enjoy this meal very much. Besides that, it is also can be frozen before bake it. So, you can prepare it at night before bake it on the next morning. It was so delicious and tasty. Unbelievable?

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