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Art: Effecting My Life, Creatively Art is too general to explain. Using our five senses hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting, and touch, Art is a way of expressing oneself in every aspect of one’s life. So how does art affect my life? And how am I creative? Art is actually a major part of my life; my world is full of color and excitement. Music is the stress reliever that I use to vent out all my emotions. Myself being a singer and songwriter I write and sing to express myself. I write about current situations within my life, past and present. I really enjoy doing this, it’s only a hobby but it sparks my creativity. I love to create and paint pictures when composing and singing songs to tell a story within songs to give it a meaning. Second, fashion and design is another way that I express myself on a daily basis. I have this unique style that I typically wear. I love bright neon colors and funky patterns. It stands out and it’s not ordinary. I like to be different and not stand in the crowd. Most of the time I make my clothing or I just take something that I bought and put a twist on it like for example cutting and cropping jeans and shirts and adding color by tie-dying . Adding to my unique playful style I put on hats to make the outfit pop. In conclusion, Art takes my life to a whole different level emotionally, spiritually and mentally without me even noticing. I have found ways to express myself throughout music and designing. I look at things from a different point of view and noticed that art isn’t just a line drawn on a piece of paper. It’s way more than meets the

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