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67th Foundation Celebration MECHANICS FOR ESSAY WRITING 1. Each contestant must be a bona fide student of Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation, Lucena City. 2. Every college/ department must have one representative. 3. Each contestant is given one hour to write an essay in English and expound on the theme. 4. The theme will be given during the contest proper. 5. The essay must be composed of a maximum of 600 words and a minimum of 500 words. 6. A warning bell will be rung one (1) minute before the end of the allotted time. 7. The following are the criteria for judging: A. Content/ Message (substance, originality, analysisand adherence to the theme of the Essay) | 50% | B. Unity, coherence, emphasis (logic and organization) | 30% | C. Literary Style (style and presentation) | 20% | TOTAL | 100% | 8. The decisions of the board of judges shall be final and unappealable. 9. There will be three winners who will be declared first, second and third. 10. Prizes for winners and participants: First Place- Medal, certificate and cash Second Place- Medal, certificate and cash Third Place- Medal, certificate and cash Participants (Non-winners)- certificates Prepared by: PROF. CARINA RAFA Faculty Activity Chairperson January , 2014 JOSELINA T. BAYLONGO, Ed. D. Dean, College of Education Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation Dear Maam: Greetings of Peace! Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation will hold a week long Foundation Anniversary Celebration on February 10-13, 2014, which will showcase various contests and activities in order to promote leadership, academic excellence and community service. In line with this, the university will hold the “Essay Writing Contest” which aims to enhance the students’ writing prowess. Please be informed that the submission of the official

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