Essay: What Not To Do When Testifying

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What NOT to Do When Testifying Name College 1. You should NEVER commit perjury while testifying. Perjury is knowingly telling a lie under oath about something that is important to the case. ◦If a PLEO commits perjury while testifying, the officer may lose his/her job, the officer may face imprisonment and a fine, the defendant may be acquitted, and it reflects negatively on the professionalism and integrity of law enforcement. 2. You should never 'wing it' before going to court, leaving you to go to court unprepared. The court will need specific, detailed information about the case. Your credibility as a witness will be enhanced if you have reviewed your case file and have a good understanding of what the case is about and what work you’ve done on it. 3. In a similar way, you shouldn't forget to bring your file to court. Invariably you will be asked a question…show more content…
Don't allow yourself to become flustered by the lawyer, especially on cross-examination. 8. Don't lie about an answer if you don't know it. 9. Don't use foul language while on the stand. 10. Don't answer a question without understanding it first. 11. Do not offer additional information. Answer only the question that has been asked. 12. Don't be late for the court hearing. 13. Don't use confusing words, jargon, or obscure language. Be clear at all times. 14. Don't try to ignore a subpoena. Contact the attorney who subpoenaed you. Find out why you are being asked to come to court. Discuss the case with the lawyer. 15. Don't dress in outrageous or dirty clothes. It is always a good idea to dress conservatively. 16. Don't guess about facts or what other people may have been thinking. That is for the jury to decide. 17. Don't talk directly to the judge. Speak only to the lawyer. 18. Do not continue speaking after the judge has asked you to remain silent. 19. Do not take photographs in the courtroom. 20. Don't try to rush. Be careful, take your time, and think about each
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