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Republic of the Philippines Department of Education Cordillera Administrative Division of Mountain Province GUINZADAN NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL Guinzadan Central, Bauko, mountain Province One of the skills being developed and product performance in teaching essay in all grade level writing which students must apply and understand from the school and to the real word situation. Writing reflects how they will deal with everyday life situation and help them to enjoy writing. Students will be able to come up to their mind that writing is not a hard task to do in their studies. Making of the simplest instructional materials in essay writing makes the students more active and enjoy the process of writing especially in their performance because of the step by step procedure and simple and enjoyable approach and techniques of giving exercises in essay writing. List of Simple Activities (Simple and Effective Ways of Teaching Essay in All Grade Level) I. STRUCTURE OF ESSAY II. KINDS OF ESSAY III. THESIS STATEMENTS IV. TOPIC SENTENCE V. HOOK VI.INTRODUCTION PARAGRAPH VII. PARAPHRASING VIII. BODY IX. CONCLUSION X. OUTLINE XI. REVISION XII. SUPRHERO PROJECT XIII. ONE MINUTE PERSUASIVE SPEECH XV. ADDITIONAL SUGGESTION FOR THE CLASSROOM XVI. TEST SAMPLE Title of Unit: Simple and Effective Ways of Teaching Essay Unit Developed by: JoashNadab T. Lao-e Grade LeveL: All Grade Level Subject Area: English Brief Description of the Unit: In this unit, the students will explore the power of writing in the form of essay. They will learn the simplest way of writing needed to form an effective piece of writing, cognizant of its purpose structure and impact. The students will begin to master and discover their own skills and interest in writing as they plan, organize, write, evaluate and revise on writing exercises and samples from sources

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