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[Your Name] [Instructor Name] [Course Number] [Date] Jessica Hische: The Extremely Gifted Type designer Jessica Hische is a designer with a really prolific career. Over her career< she has managed to work for various clients including Penguin books and Wes Anderson. Currently aged 29, she has had a passion for art over the years and now she is a professional letterer, type designer and illustrator .She grew up in Hazleton, Pennsylvania with her family. She said that her passion for design and letters began when she was in elementary school learning cursive and she would look up at the perfectly drawn letter stencils on the wall in admiration. Despite growing up in a family of non-creative parents, her passion for type design and illustration persisted. Finally her breakthrough came when a high school teacher and admissions counsellor made helped her to get to an art school. This was a major stepping stone for Jessica as she further developed her skills in her period of learning in the institution. She majored in graphic design, the field in which she excelled most. She gained perspective by travelling and the fact that she attended a university far away from her town full off small minded people .In college she worked very hard, and because of that her instructors gave her chances and prospects that other scholars didn’t have. She graduated from Temple University’s Tyler school of art in Philadelphia with a BFA in Graphic Design. Jessica enrolled there because it was affordable, but originally wanted to go to a large, popular design school. However, she has since said that she believes she got the most of out of her education because of the small classes and hands-on experiences. When she graduated in 2006, she worked for Head case Design in Philadelphia and was Senior Designer at Louise Fili Ltd. After two and a half years, she left to advance her

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