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Essay the Internet 1) Give an outline of the use of information & communication technology as it is presented in the 2 attached texts. 2) On the basis of these texts discuss some appropiate and some less appropiate ways of using the Internet. 1) Text 1 Don’t want to talk about it? Order a Missed call The first article is written by Matt Richtel. It’s about how the technology has been improved and how we use it to; maybe avoid other people, like the name of the first text says “Order a Missed call”. We hear about a new technology that allows us to jump directly to the person’s voice mail, without even having to talk to him. The technology, called Slydial, lets callers dial a mobile phone but avoid an unwanted conversation, or unwanted intimacy, on the other end. The service of Slydial is free because it was on trial. Slydial is just one out of many new forms of technology that lets us avoid direct communication or contact. E-mailing and blogging are two of these new forms of technology. It’s this kind of technology which allows us to choose the time and manner of expression. We've also got the opportunity that we can express our feelings, on new Internet sites as Facebook and Twitter. The culture of the veritable Personal News Crawl also includes, a Web site that permits users to send photos or video bursts taken with mobile phone to friends and notify them of the updates with text messages. In the text we are seeing that John Poisson (the designer of saying “We’re in this mode where we’re telling everybody everything all the time” (line 44). We are also hearing about a system on your phone, that makes heavy background noises of traffic. So if you are running late to a meeting or a date you always have an excuse. Text 2 Sex, Lies, and the Internet The second article is written by Andrew Keen and is about how we use or "abuse" the

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