Essay On Team Work

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ESSAY Introduction In this essay I will be discussing the influence of my own and other team members’ self-concept, perception and culture on the communication process. Evaluate the effectiveness of my listening skills in the team. Evaluate the effectiveness of each team member’s feedback skills, including myself. Evaluate the contribution of each team member including myself. Self-concept Firstly, my self-concept is that everyone is the same regardless of age or gender, and I treat everyone with respect if respect is also given in return, in my group respect was shared both-ways by listening and accepting peoples work ethic, High work ethic is important to me as it one of the qualities I expect. Culture is also a characteristic of self-concept, having a South African back-round meant that when you are told do something you do it and no matter how hard the task is, you complete the task without complaint, this was hard as not everyone has this self-concept, in Chinese culture you are allowed to make grievances about the task if you are finding the task difficult and also ask for help. I did ask for help from my team-mates and this was because it was a group assignment not an individual assignment. Having a both an introvert personality and a extrovert, meant that I was able to work in a group atmospheres and put forward my ideas. Perception Secondly, perception is also very significant. Perception is based on five principles, it is selective, inferred, highly subjective, based on experience and perception is also depends on context. My perception is that the group work ethic and communication sufficient enough to complete the given task and the communication between myself and the group was clear and concise. If my work ethic appears to be in a slacking approach, and I expect high work ethic, my group will assume that I am contradicting
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