Essay Response: Crisis Counseling

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Essay Response: Crisis Counseling Lisa R. Jensen Liberty University With an example, consider the differences between crisis counseling strategies and psychotherapy. Crisis counseling strategies and psychotherapy share many similarities as well as distinct differences. Both are employed to aid hurting people. Both share a goal of restoring and building positive functioning. Additionally, both crisis counseling strategies and psychotherapy must be carried out in an ethical manner by individuals trained appropriately to render the aid. The foundational similarity when utilizing either crisis counseling strategies or psychotherapy, is that a trusting relationship must be established between the care provider and the client in order for beneficial outcomes to occur (Everstine & Everstine 2006). In contrast, how and when crisis counseling strategies are used vary dramatically from psychotherapy. The major difference begins with time. Psychotherapy is generally a lengthy process whereas crisis counseling strategies are brief in duration. This is due to the nature of the assistance being provided. Psychotherapy is a means for in depth client exploration, assisting clients to gain insight, and to facilitate learning or improving coping mechanisms. Crisis counseling strategies on the other hand are time sensitive. Clients in a crisis situation require immediate assistance. This leads to further differences in care. Assessment must be done quickly, focusing solely on the current state of need in order to find resources and resolution to the crisis situation. Assessment must also focus on discovering a client’s past successful coping strategies in order to facilitate positive outcomes of the current crisis situation; whereas assessment in psychotherapy is used primarily to probe into psychodynamic issues. Social support systems are assessed and
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