Essay Questions Cold War

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Essay Questions: Modern World Study Evaluate the extent to which the ideologies of communism and capitalism influenced the policies and strategies of the cold war. To what extent were the emerging differences between the superpowers responsible for the origins of the cold war to 1949? Assess the impact of the Truman doctrine on Cold War tensions from 1945-53. Assess the impact of China becoming communist in 1949 on the development of the Cold War in the period to the mid 1960’s. Assess the impact of the US policy of containment and the Russian policy of peaceful co-existence on the cold war in the period to 1968. To what extent did events in Berlin impact on superpower relations to 1968? Asses the role of the arms race in in maintaining cold war tensions after 1949 Evaluate the view that the Korean War was the most significant crisis affecting superpower relations in the period 1948-62 To what extent did events in Cuba in 1962 impact superpower relations? To what extent did the Czech crisis of 1968 impact on superpower relations? Evaluate the impact of crisis in Asia on superpower policies in the period to the 1970’s. Evaluate the impact of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan on the cold war. To what extent were Soviet attitudes and policies under Gorbachev responsible for ending the cold war? Evaluate the contribution of the Reagan administration to the ending of the Cold War. Account for the collapse of communism in Eastern Europe and the USSR? Explain the economic and political reasons for détente. To what extent did developments in Vietnam, the Middle East, and the Sino Soviet split contribute to
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