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Area of Study: ‘Belonging’ Immigrant Chronicle by Peter Skrzynecki Teacher Resource Pack Emily Bosco TABLE OF CONTENTS ‘Belonging’: Theoretical Underpinnings Peter Skrzynecki and Immigrant Chronicle Poetry Analysis Unit of Work Sample Assessment Tasks Specimen HSC Examination Questions Suggested Related Material 4 9 10 33 49 54 56 10 Mary Street This poem is about the notion of belonging to place. This sense of belonging to place, in particular the idea of belonging to the family home, is indicated in the title of the poem. In reading the title we assume the address “10 Mary Street” is a place of significance and, given the innocence and virtue the name “Mary” evokes, it lures us into feelings of safety and security. However, the poet once again subverts our expectations. Even though 10 Mary Street is where the poet lived with his parents for “nineteen years”, he concludes that this is not where his family ultimately belongs. The street has been “gazetted for industry”; the home is therefore impermenant. Rather, the poet concludes that a genuine sense of belonging emerges from connection to cultural heritage, in particular, the shared history – “keeping pre-war Europe alive”. In this poem, the concepts of belonging are: Belonging Belonging Belonging Belonging to to to to place family culture and heritage the past/shared history Close Analysis of the Poem First and Second Stanzas: The poem opens with the use of first person plural – “we departed each morning”, which gives a sense of belonging to family. This is followed by the simile “shut the house like a well oiled lock”, which establishes the notion of routinely departing the house each day, only to be “back at 5pm”. The familiarity and routine established in stanzas

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