Essay Planning Subject: Why Should We Care About Child Poverty in the Uk?

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Essay Planning Subject: why should we care about child poverty in the UK? TAQ1: To me the term 'poverty' means not by what you can afford but rather in terms of what is missing. Because I think poverty is a state of being extremely poor or lacking in financial terms, living below what I would deem a comfortable lifestyle, such as having to eat very low quality food/water or not having enough food, not having warm running water, or being homeless. So basically poverty has many meanings for every individual. TAQ2: I think that the author uses emotive language on the first paragraph on the article because he wanted to capture the readers mind sensory impressions. Using words to substitute for and create horrific images of today’s society of child poverty in all over the world to convey his message across about child poverty without any pictures on the article. TAQ3: The word poverty has many different meanings and is expressed in many different ways. Looking at the first paragraph, I think that the author starts the article with extremely poor state of child poverty and then leads to different definitions of poverty. These meanings and their subsequent expressions often seem to contradict one another, so it is important to understand the correlating concepts in order to impact individuals affected by poverty and that’s what the author tried to give you an idea about that. TAQ4: Why child poverty should be tackled? • Tackling child poverty matters because it means we can stop children suffering both now and in the future. • A 2011 study by the Institute for Fiscal Studies predicted that 400,000 more children would be living in relative poverty by 2015-16, partly as a result of changes to the tax and benefits system. • Children who grow up in families with a low income are more likely to experience mental health problems, and more likely to develop
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