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Essay outline Background The National Park Board (NParks) is the statutory board of Singapore Government that conserves, create, sustain and enhance the green infrastructure of city. With more than 300 gardens and 4 nature reserves come under NParks’s custody, NParks proposed to increase the productivity of its officers (NationalPark, 2012). Therefore, NParks bought 26 bicycles which cost 2200$ each for its field officer to use on patrols. However, the aim of this procurement was rise staff productivity as it enable to the officer to cover more ground and do more inspections. According to the article, the purchase of foldable bicycles was so expensive due to the cost of other brands. (YahooNews, 2012). Conceptual support The National Park is not only bureaucratic organization but also is non-profit government organization. In bureaucratic, the power belongs to an office and is not function of the office holder. Although, the NParks decided to purchase and Minister for National Department also supported that, the officer in charge of the deal has been suspended until further notice. Nparks bureaucracy’s characteristics are division of labor, rule, hierarchy of authority, impersonally, competence (Weber, 1947). The expected of bureaucratic management are efficiency and consistency (Mukherjee, 2005). However, one of the disadvantages of bureaucratic organization is that they rely too heavily on standard and rules and another disadvantages is that bureaucratic can become inflexible, slow and resistant to change (Theron, Moerdryk, Shlechter, Nel, Crafford& O’Neil, 2006). According Secord (2003), the effective implementation of Human Resources strategy will ensure the function remains focused on the important rather than the urgent concern of business. NParks purchase was $ 2,200 for foldable bicycle, a police officer’s bicycle cost about $ 1000, and

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