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It was Friday, 4.29pm and the last day of the school year. Everyone was out playing and relaxing in the sun after a hard years worth of work, whilst I sat in a dark, dreary room looking up at the ray of light beaming through the small widow several feet up. Once again just like last year, I had been given after school detention to write lines, only this time it was, “I must not disobey my teachers”, and not the usual, “I must do my homework”. The teachers picked on me all the time. It was not my fault that I sometimes forgot to do things of importance. While thinking of the party I should be going to tonight with my friends, I finished the final line. As I did so, the rusty old bell rang out in the equally dusty corner of the room and as last year I leapt for the door and rushed down the corridor, turned left and pushed the main door open. Only the door did not open. Once again, I pushed on the large metal door thinking I was just hallucinating, but as before, it did not budge. I realised I was locked in, no way of escape. Sweat began to line my face as panic began to overwhelm me, shaking I reached into my bag pulled out my phone. Why is this happening? I thought, trembling. I had no battery, I had forgotten to charge it the night before even after mum had nagged me about needing it charged in case she went out. Screaming for help I began to realise I was trapped like an animal in a zoo. No food or water, friends or way of escape. What was I to do? Shrivelling up in the corner a tear rolled down my

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