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Essay On Work

  • Submitted by: trainsick
  • on May 4, 2011
  • Category: Arts and Music
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I started off with the theme of psychedelic art and looking at work which has been produced under the influence of psychedelic drugs like LSD. I browsed for some work that had been produced like this but instead came across an experiment that had taken place in the late 1960s by the government in a controlled environment. The experiment was to see if taking psychedelic drugs enhanced your creativity which in my opinion increases the quality of your art work. The experiment shows the journey of a man under the influence of LSD drawing a face and how the picture forms from a basic interpretation of it to a more creative and unique outlook after the drug has kicked in.
Moving from this I then decided to try and create the different factors of what happens when under the influence of LSD. From my research on the internet through looking up LSD experience threads and reading up about other effects it has on the human mind I found out that it was quite common for people to see sounds. For example if someone was playing a harp the Vibrations being caused by the instrument has often made people see vibrant colours in the from of a wave. I decided to try and interpret by finding an old tree branch and by moving it very fast in a backwards forwards motion taking a picture at the same time. The results were some quite interesting images with all the mixes of colours from the branch mixing together to create an effect as if the branch was moving within the image. The branch looked like it had flowing energy running through it with the bright yellows and oranges standing out, this helped in trying to create an image of something flowing like say the vibrant vibrations that have been seen by people on LSD which for obvious reasons I cannot experience.
      After more research another common effect of the drug was an out of body experience, this is where you see yourself from another person’s point of view. I tried to create an image where it was almost as if someone was...

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