Essay On Why Did The Us Fail To Sign The Treaty Of Versailles

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Ben Musicant Hist-306 Why did the United States fail to sign the Treaty of Versailles? When the Great World War ended in 1918, it was thought to be "The war to end all wars". Toward that end, the treaty of Versailles, which officially ended the war, was hoped to be the treaty to end all war. The Treaty not only set the rules and conditions for the cessation of hostilities, but it created a new, world-governing body, constituted by all of the nations of the world, where international disputes were to be resolved peacefully. American President Woodrow Wilson was one of the primary creators of this new "League of Nations" and so was anxious for the United States Congress to ratify the Treaty of Versailles and thus enter the country into the…show more content…
Woodrow Wilson came to Paris bringing with him a peace program, which was about his moral, idealistic notion of a new world order. His idea was to link the instrument of surrender for the Germans to the creation of the League of Nations. On the way to Paris, Wilson went to England, where he spoke about how he wished to overthrow the old diplomatic system, which had led to the escalation of the war even before he had made his "Fourteen Points" speech in January 1918. When the US first entered the Great War, the President wanted that there be “peace without victory” and his Fourteen Points outlined a proposed arrangement that altered diplomatic relationships to such an extent that future wars could be prevented. Wilson could clearly see that the conclusion of the Great War was an opportunity for him to advance his progressive policies. He promoted his vision of peace and tried to make the people understand the requirement of a “new order”. Wilson said: “Our thought was always that the key to the peace was the guarantee of the peace, not the items of it; that the items would be worthless unless there stood at the back of them a permanent concert of power for their
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