Essay On Why Did The Americans Win The Revolutionary War

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When the Virginia Co. settled the small town of Jamestown in 1607, they had no way of knowing what would take place in the next 169 years. Jamestown and many other small colonies would flourish and grow into a complex system of 13 colonies that traded with ports all over the world. England would benefit from these colonies immensely and would eventually begin to tax the colonies for the goods that would move in and out of the colonies. In turn this frustrated the colonists because they felt they were being taxed without their consent, thus the saying "no taxation without representation" came about. The English government dismissed this claim and continued to place new Acts on the 13 colonies. Which led to anti-British sentiment, and therefore several acts of rebellion occurred, including the Boston tea party and tar and feathering British officials. Thus a…show more content…
Washington was a genius in military tactics and was chosen by the men at the Second Continental Congress because he had previous military experience. Another significant figure that partook in the Revolutionary War was Benjamin Franklin, who was a diplomat that was sent to France during the Revolution, with a goal of trying to persuade the French to join the war on the side of the Colonists. When the Americans won the Battle of Saratoga, the French openly sided with the new nation. All of these factors helped the Americans win their war for independence, and some would later help to build a stronger United States. Also historians describe why the Americans won their war for independence in a Socratic method, such as, why did the British lose? Most of the reasons listed had to do with poor decisions or a lack of knowledge of the terrain of the battlefield by the British. However all of these combined in 1781 to win the Revolutionary War and free the United States of America from
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