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Why Japan attacked Pearl Harbor? In the 1930s, Japan had its own expansionist intentions- in China, first, then deep into the Pacific. The vastness of empire’s reach led, by necessity, to partnerships. The US was the only hurdle in the Asia that prevents Japan to take over all Asia Pacific countries. Well before bombs fell upon Pearl Harbor, Japan had aligned with Germany, and declare war on US and Britain. Emperor Hirohito had released the below message to the people of Japan in the name of the Emperor: We, by grace of heaven, Emperor of Japan, seated on the Throne of a line unbroken for ages eternal, enjoin upon you, Our and brave subjects: We hereby declare War on the United States of America and the British Empire. The hallowed spirits of Our imperial Ancestors guarding Us from above, We rely upon the loyalty and courage of Our…show more content…
Marching their prisoners toward camps in northern Luzon, the Japanese denied food and water to the sick and starving men. When the weakest prisoners began to straggle, guards shot or bayoneted them and threw the bodies to the side of the road. Japanese guards may have killed 600 Americans and 10,000 Filipino prisoners. News of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor had outraged the American people; news of the "Bataan Death March" filled them with bitter hatred. By May 1942 the Japanese had succeeded beyond their wildest expectations. A vast new empire had fallen into their hands so quickly, and at so little cost, that they were tempted to go further. If their forces could move into the Solomon Islands and the southern coast of New Guinea, they could threaten Australia and cut the American line of communications to MacArthur's base there. If they could occupy Midway Island, only 1,000 miles from Honolulu, they could force the American fleet to pull back to the west coast. In Japanese overconfidence lay the seeds of Japan's first major

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