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Zaysha Montgomery Dr. Doris Daniels English II Honors March 22, 2012 Who Am I? In “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?”, we are introduced to our protagonist Connie. She is a fifteen year old girl who has reached the point in her life where she is between the stages of childhood and womanhood. Unfortunately, she has put herself into a bubble in which she believes nothing in the world could harm her. Being a flat character, she strives hard to stay the same person she believes will keep her happy and at peace. Throughout this story, we are able to see how her childlike tendencies cause her to be put on the bad side of adult situations. Her feeling lonely at home, her dreamy outlook about the world and self-centeredness cause her to be put into compromising positions. The first point deals with Connie’s loneliness.…show more content…
She has this perfect vision of how the world is due to her being able to get her way in most situations. Sadly, this causes her to become disastrously naïve about the world. Only wanting to find her own fun and please herself, she does not take heed to the warnings and guidance that her mother tries to give her. By choosing to not learn from those who have lived, she gets into the dangerous confrontation with Arnold Friend. Not being able to use the childish antics that have worked for her up to this point, she now realizes that she is not the very young girl whom she imagines herself as. Arnold Friend shows her how the world really is and how unprepared she is for it. We see Connie stay the oblivious young girl she portrays herself as until Arnold Friend comes and shows her how inappropriate her actions are. She now knows that she has to incorporate maturity into her everyday life in order to truly succeed in life. Unfortunately, Connie realizes this major fact about life too late and succumbs to the demands of Arnold Friend due to her misinterpretation about the

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