Essay on When Military Heroes Should Be Honored

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At What Time Should Military Heroes Be Honored? When citizens think about George Washington or Nathan Hale, of what do they remind them of? Both Washington and Hale are famous military heroes. Military heroes have made America a safe and strong nation. The citizens of the United States of America probably wouldn’t have their rights today, if soldiers hadn’t fought for America. Soldiers risked their lives and left their families by going to other countries. Everyone who fought or is still fighting for America is a military hero because they are a very important part of American history. Americans need to always honor their military heroes. People aren’t forced to join the armed forces; they volunteer. When the courageous men and women register to join the services they know the dangers they will face. They joined to defend their homeland of America and the people living there. During the Revolutionary War, George Washington was a very important military officer. His army won America’s freedom from Great Britain. America could still be part of England today if George Washington’s army had given up. Nathan Hale was a very brave person; he lost his life for America. He spied on the British and told the American Patriots information about the British army. When the British caught him spying, they hung him. Before he was hung, he said, “I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country.” George Washington and Nathan Hale weren’t the only heroes during the Revolutionary War. There are many military heroes that led up to the victory against Great Britain and many more who have and continue to keep America a free nation America is the land of opportunity. Everyone in America gets to choose their career. Americans should be thankful because Americans have many rights some countries don’t have. Americans may not have their rights if the American Patriots lost

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