Essay On What Life Was Like In Early American Society

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Period 4 9/14/11 Have you ever wondered how life was like in Early American society? Or even how European ideas influenced our Declaration of Independence? How America’s greatest tragedy which was the Civil War started? Moments in history like these should be known by everyone. It’s important to know about the past lives and how around the 1800’s the United States started expanding. One of the European ideas was John Locke, who was an English philosopher, and one of the Enlightenment thinkers. John Locke influenced Thomas Jefferson and also the Declaration of Independence. He maintained that people had Natural Rights to Life, Liberty, and Property. Locke had a social contract which meant that people chose their own government as long as the government agrees to protect their natural rights. The government couldn’t violate the social contract because if they did, they could have overthrown the government. . Starting with the Declaration of Independence and continuing into the United States Constitution, Locke’s philosophy inspired many Americans to break away from the common, European institutions. Also he inspired other countries to do the same. The author…show more content…
House of Rep. based on population and Senate based on equal representation. It let to the Virginia Plan which was representation based on state’s population. The New Jersey Plan was each state represents by one equal vote. In 1820-1821 the Missouri Compromise was passed a series of agreements. The Northerners opposed expanding slavery. The southern slave interested didn’t want to lose power in the senate. The three-fifths Compromise was outgrowth of a debate that had taken place within the Continental Congress in 1783. In which three-fifths of the population of slaves would be counted for enumeration purposes. Regarding both the distribution of taxes and the apportionment of the members of the United States House of

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