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Analysis; Japan is an island located in the Pacific Ocean, 3054 kilometers off the shore of China. This nation comprises of a rich history and culture shaped by centuries of isolation and political trauma. As this is an island nation, trade was not readily accessible, so the population had to produce and supply the essential elements for survival within the natural resources offered to them. These circumstances prompted the rise of the fishing industry, as this was the most prominent and accessible practice in order to supply food for coastal towns. Soon this triggered mass national trade, which consisted mainly of fisherman exporting their product into central Japan. As demands grew, the hunt for whales began. In order to understand the issue we face with the practice of whaling it is important to comprehend its history. Traces of whaling can be dated back to over 10,000 B.C in a variety of Japanese coastal communities, as many hand harpoons had been left behind, utilized for whaling hunting. This practice even though widely renowned among the Japanese populace remained a local method of survival along the nation’s coast. This quickly changed during the Japanese industrial revolution in the beginning of the 20th century, when a wide…show more content…
This means that hunting whales for the sole purpose of generating profit is no longer legally permitted. It may seem that because this regulation has been put into place, the practice of whaling would come to an end, yet the IWC remains powerless in the fight towards ending the slaughter of whales (International Whaling Commission, n.p). This is mainly because commercial whaling is a prominent industry in Japan and its ban has cut off a large portion of the country’s revenue. So, in order to diminish their losses they ceaselessly continue this practice, which in turn can be adequately described as mass

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