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Watergate: The Scandal That Brought Down One Of America’s Greatest Presidents. By: Hayley Snedeker Scandal, corruption, dishonesty, presidential inaccuracy, I’m sure we have all heard these terms, but what exactly do they mean? During the course of this nation there have been many presidential scandals. A major one, that resulted in the resignation of the president, was the Watergate scandal. There are many questions that have arisen since this scandal took place, what the scandal was exactly, what people were actually involved, what was the cause of the scandal, and what affects did the Watergate scandal have on the nation and it’s government. The Watergate scandal is referred to as such because…show more content…
Historians believe that Watergate came to be due to president Richard Nixon’s personality along with those of his advisers, in conjunction with the changing roles of the presidency (Mc Dougal Littell, 953). Early in the morning of June 17, 1972 5 men were caught breaking into the Democratic National Headquarters. The 5 men were often referred to as the “plumbers” it was their job to plug up any government leaks to the media, and help the Nixon administration in other, often illegal, ways (Mc Dougal Littell, 954). The burglars had intended on taking pictures that outlined many of the democratic parties strategies and to position wiretaps on the telephones in the office. One of the major reasons that Nixon even covered up the Watergate burglary was due to the fact that the government was not going to take much action they were just going to require that all parties involved resigned. Although Nixon was not about to stand by and let some of the men he was most dependant on resign without trying to help. The cover up included shredding all incriminating document, urging the FBI to stop the investigation on the grounds of “National Security”, the Committee to Reelect the President (CRP) gave out nearly $500,000 to the burglars to keep them silent due to an indictment by the federal

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