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War of 1812 The war of 1812 was caused by three major reasons, Western War Hawk territory, British violations of the U.S. neutrality rights on the high seas, and the urge to uphold national honor and pride. These three reasons each make their own contributions to the war but I think the War Hawks and the violations of the neutrality right were the two main causes. The urge of pride and national honor was just a good reason to enter a war, but not provoke one. The War Hawks contributed to the war with their idea of driving Britain out of Canada. This was the U.S. aggravating the British. Britain was heavily violating the United State’s neutrality rights by seizing ships and making trade laws. The War Hawks were aggressive nationalists usually located in the South and West. The group spoke of honor and pride, and dealt with foreign affairs. Canada was the target that the War Hawks wanted to seize from Britain. Though the United States possessed a small army and Navy, they thought they could easily take the British out of Canada. Canada was a supply point for British ships in the Caribbean. It supplied food goods and other supplies needed in the Caribbean. U.S. thought it would be a good idea to try to take out the connection between Canada and the British. The U.S. really did not know how unprepared they were for a war. This was a major…show more content…
The only time honor or pride was a factor in the war was when Britain was seizing American ships. Usually honor and pride is used as a motivator to fight harder. The War Hawks were a big supporter in pride. They promised to achieve respect for the United States from the others. Honor and pride added to the anger towards the British violating the rights of the neutrality acts. Many Americans thought Britain had no right to take over their ships and control trade. This was where honor and pride played a small role of starting the
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