Essay On W.E.B Dubois "Of Our Spiritual Striivings

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The Book talks about a guy who had problems with his father who was an ex-marine who worked for a lader company, the father hate lawyer because since he got that job he had to fight them in the court and they make his life miserable. There was a time that Rudy was having a bad behavior, so his dad decided to send him to a military school, Rudy in revenge for that decided to become a lawyer. Two weeks after he said to his father that he was accepted in law school his father fell of a ladder, hit his head and died. His mother after his father dead got married again with a guy named Hank; Rudy didn’t get a dime of the insurance. Rudy was in his last semester in law school and the only smart thing he had done in the three years of law school was to be to schedule the required and difficult courses early. In one of his classes they went to a Senior Center, they had a meal and after that they had to talk with the people and try to help them with their legal problems. Miss Birdie was an old lady, she didn’t look like having a lot of fortune but she was Millionaire and her lawyer was dead and she needed help with her will and testament. Rudy also talk with a couple of seniors, their problem was that they said that they bought great coverage insurance but now that one of their son is sick with leukemia the insurance company said that they don’t cover that because their son is over eighteen. They asked Rudy to do whatever he could to help them. Rude spent hours in the library trying to find a solution for those cases. He was talking with booker and he told him that Miss Birdie had a lot of money. Then he show to booker the file of Mrs. Black and booker after he knew the history he curse the insurance company. But Rudy now can only help Miss

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