Essay on Violence in Schools.

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Schools are nestles of education and education is teaching students the wrong and the right, revealing them the path of an easier, happier and conscious life. These sentences do not describe how schools are but indeed how schools should be. Unfortunately, today there are many crucial and prevalent problems in schools; one of the most terrifying of these is: violence. The inhabitants of schools i.e. students who ought to be ignorant and unconscious about hurting others, prevalently use violence this can be attributed to mass media and family disorders, If ugly things occur in most beautiful places then, something is wrong. Human beings are another kind of animals unless they have rules, ethics and limits. Whatever the intention is, human health both mentally and physically must be taken into consideration. Media, for instance, tries to get people's attention with anything possible. They ignore norms, realities and most importantly ethics to make money. To illustrate the point, let's imagine a house with a wide beautiful garden in front of it, which contains miscellaneous and colorful flowers. The inhabitants of this house will not even recognize this garden when they go work or come back to home. To make that ordinary garden very attractive to inhabitants, there should be something interesting, extraordinary and strange so that people; not only inhabitants but also everybody will pay attention. For instance, a man who is being beaten by his wife. this is what media does and this is where the danger begins. Humans get used to everything gradually hence many people now enjoy violence on TV; people hitting, killing and hurting each other and others who watch have fun even pay for to see a human is injured. Furthermore, one day these people can hurt or kill other people or even ignore when someone is killed. Another significant reason is, individual's family life.

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