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Vietnam veterans and their Families. Approximately 59,000 Australians served in the Vietnam War, and following the conflict many found themselves unable to adequately deal with the physical and emotional scars rendered by their service. The Vietnam veterans were the brave, courageous men who fought for our country on the front line, and survived. This experience was not only a traumatic one for those who participated in the war, but also for their families, who spent days, months and even years wondering whether their loved ones had survived. Although the veterans had extensive training that prepared them for the war, no amount of training could ever prepare them for the emotional consequences that followed the war, including adjustment back into society. Majority of veterans suffered traumatic stress, often having flashbacks, and nightmares of killing people, seeing their fellow soldiers die, the loss of lives, and the pain and…show more content…
Many veterans have developed cancer and other illnesses due to the poisonous toxins in which they were open to during the war. The stories of disturbed, sick and mentally ill veterans, suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and continuing to suffer from their time in Vietnam suggest that this was almost a universal experience. It wasn’t. Although Many Vietnam veterans suffered catastrophic experiences and developed various illnesses from their experience many veterans simply returned to Australia and settled back into the routines and habits of civilian life. For every veteran who remains haunted by the experience of Vietnam, there are another group who have left it behind. Many who served in Vietnam have gone on to achieve success in the military, in politics, in business or in charitable

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