Essay On Victorian Health Care

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victorian healthcare 1850-1900 Up to the middle of the nineteenth century there was very little in the way of healthcare. The first era of healthcare evolved between 1850 and 1900. Provisions for the sick and in particular the poor, was made availiable by a small number of Almshouses or Poorhouses. There were a few voluntary hospitals most of which were in london. The voluntary hospitals would only treat acute and not cronic conditions therefore the long term sick and disabled were sent to the workhouse hospitals. There were a number of private hospitals available but if you were unable to pay then you would most likely be turned away And whilst voluntary hospitals could choose the patients that they treated, the poor law hospitals had to accept everyone.…show more content…
Because of this surgery was very limited except in times of war. In 1867 a man called Joseph Lister ( later known as the father of antiseptic surgery) discovered a link between the lack of cleanliness in hospitals and the deaths after operations and devised a fine spray using carbolic acid which he used on and aroung the open wounds, this combined with the washing of hands greatly reduced the number of patients who contracted infections after surgery and led to a dramatic fall in fatalities. The evolution of healthcare throughout the years has been an ever changing process of social, political and economic history. Healthcare has evolved from a simple system of homecare remidies and physicians, most of them with little or no training, to the era of scientific medicine which we know today. In the later years of the nineteenth century, voluntary visiting associations started providing care in the general
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